Avatar 2 Is Coming And We're Already Worried

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    James Cameron's Avatar is the highest-grossing film of all time, and it's not likely to lose the title soon — if ever.

    Only Cameron's previous effort Titanic and Star Wars: The Force Awakens have even come within shouting distance of Avatar's staggering nearly-$2.8 billion run.

    Yet there seems to be no rush getting the obligatory Avatar sequels into theaters.

    Last year, release dates were finally announced for the next films in Cameron's planned series, with Avatar 2 hitting screens on December 18, 2020.

    But if that bit of news slipped by you, it may be because the public's appetite for Avatar's continuing story may not be as ravenous as Cameron thinks — and because one massively successful film, even the most successful ever, may not necessarily translate to a sustainable franchise.

    Here's why we're more than a little concerned about Avatar 2...

    Memories fade | 0:47
    Climate change | 1:30
    High expectations | 2:37
    Trounced tech | 3:37
    Quiet cast | 4:48
    Stiff competition | 5:56
    Too far | 7:01

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